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BioSystics, Inc., a database and analytics company, announced that it has merged with Nortis, a microphysiology systems platform company, to form Numa Biosciences, Inc., a precision medicine platform company

PITTSBURGH, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BioSystics, Inc., a recent spin-off from the University of Pittsburgh (UPitt), has been developing the Microphysiology Systems Database, the core of the BioSystics Analytics Platform (BioSystics-AP™), with funding over the last ten years from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). BioSystics obtained an exclusive license from UPitt and has been offering versions of the branded BioSystics-AP online to non-profits and on-site to for-profit customers. An early focus of the company has been the workflow from early drug discovery and development through “preclinical trials” using data generated from a broad range of advanced in vitro models, particularly human microphysiology systems (MPS), as well as animal models and clinical data. The BioSystics-AP is being used to access, manage, analyze, share and computationally model data from these experimental models.  A key advance toward precision medicine has been the use of patient-derived human microphysiology systems (MPS) based on organoids and induced pluripotent stem cells that are layered and/or bioprinted in 3D to implement multiple organ models that recapitulate the heterogeneity of patient diseases. These MPS organ models can be investigated separately, or as fluid-coupled organ systems, to study mechanisms of disease progression and response to prospective therapeutic treatments. Furthermore, the safety and efficacy of various therapeutics can be tested in patient-derived MPS models, named “patient biomimetic twins”, before being given to the patients. Data from the patient biomimetic twins can be integrated with the same patients’ clinical data in the BioSystics-AP for application of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). An important goal is to create Patient Digital Twins with the complementary Patient Biomimetic Twins for precision medicine that can predict what therapeutic treatment would be best for each patient and can be used to optimally recruit the best clinical trial patient cohorts for a particular drug candidate.

“BioSystics is excited by the merger with Nortis with the creation of Numa Biosciences and the opportunity to have a major impact on the emergence of patient-derived MPS for precision medicine,” stated D. Lansing Taylor, PhD, Chairman of BioSystics. “The database and analytics team will be centered in Pittsburgh and will be expanding.”

BioSystics, Inc. merges with Nortis to form Numa Biosciences, Inc., a precision medicine platform company.

About BioSystics:

BioSystics, Inc. ( was an analytics company whose mission was to transform the rapidly evolving field of human in vitro experimental models of disease and ADME/Tox from the laboratory to the clinic by providing a comprehensive database and computational and systems biology analytics platform.

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Caroline Lorentzen
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